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About Us 2


Inspire diverse peoples to coalesce


Create spaces where people are welcomed, valued and belong



The quality or disposition of receiving and treating [people] in a warm, friendly, and generous way

We want to practice hospitality in a way that makes everyone - employees and patrons - feel welcomed. We want to provide positive interactions with our customers and we strive to treat everyone with kindness.

We seek to demonstrate benevolence and graciousness to everyone who walks through our doors. ​This includes providing timely, attentive, upbeat service to our guests, and making sure their needs are met in a manner that fosters community.


the quality or state of being an essential or important part of something

Belongingness is “the human emotional need to be an accepted and valued member of a group”. We want everyone to know that you, whoever and wherever you are, belong at Coalescence and we want to embrace you into our community. We want everyone to know that YOU belong at Coalescence and we embrace [all peoples from all lifestyles] into our community.

We value and welcome everyone who comes to Coalescence. We exist to bring people together. Our desire is for everyone in the Coalescence Community to feel they are a part of something important.


adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty

We expect our staff to be people of integrity. This extends into every aspect of what we do. Whether it is the way we treat one another when working behind the bar, making your coffee or sweeping up after close, everything is to be done with care, empathy and excellence.

Coalescence Coffee Company is currently owned by The Grace Collective. However, Coalescence does not have any religious beliefs itself and no proceeds go back to ownership. Our purpose is to create a space that welcomes anyone and everyone and makes them feel at home - if ”home" had really really good coffee

So where does the money go?

At the moment, all revenue from coffee and merchandise sales go directly to the coffee shop’s operational costs - things like providing jobs for our awesome baristas, paying the utility bill and lease payments for the building.

Our hope is that one day soon we will be able to sell enough coffee on a daily basis that we can give back to our awesome city financially through other local non-profits and city initiatives.

For transparency, all projects that receive direct funding will be posted on coalescencecoffee.com/donate/. In general, funds will be given to organizations that also have a desire for building authentic community in Hampton Roads - things like helping food banks stock their shelves, partnering on initiatives to alleviate homelessness, etc.

Coalescence Coffee Company has been an evolving vision for over six years and its organization, structure and mission have evolved with it. In July of 2020 the vision, mission and values were solidifed and agreed upon by the founders and board of directors of Coalescence Coffee Company and restated and articulated as above.

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