About us

We are fascinated by the way community has been formed over a simple beverage for hundreds of years. There is something mysteriously significant about having conversation over coffee with a friend, a partner or a new acquaintance, that creates an environment for personal connection and community.

the joining or merging of elements to form one whole


We are a non profit organization that seeks to give back to our city by helping to build genuine community. We are committed to seeing Norfolk flourish!

A good barista is an artist who is passionate about the journey of understanding the chemistry behind an excellent cup of coffee. We are obsessed with the pursuit of perfecting extraction, refining our skills as baristas and constantly pushing the boundaries of beverage creation.


You can feel good about buying Coalescence Merchandise because as a startup nonprofit, the revenue from your purchases help us continue to serve the community of Norfolk!

Event Space

Our beautifully appointed, modern space is inexpensive and perfect for parties, business meetings, private study sessions, dinner gatherings and so much more!

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