People Over Profit

The Founders of Coalescence Coffee Company have traveled the world to meet people from different cultures.

At all those meetings - whether Communist Party members in China, gang members in Istanbul, extremists in Syria or millennials in Germany - one thing and one thing alone facilitated friendly discussion in each culture - a warm beverage.

The experiences sent us on our mission! To bring people together. To inspire diverse people to Coalesce.

Community Over Capital Coalescence doesn't exist to just make money.

Our goal is to create spaces where people are welcomed, valued and belong.

Seeing this vision realized requires an obsession with:

- Pouring the perfect cup of coffee or pulling an extraordinary shot of espresso

- Designing a uniquely beautiful aesthetic that subtly encourages you to stay a little longer and draw ever deeper into conversation or a good book.

- Cultivating an atmosphere of radical hospitality, kindness and tolerance that naturally leads to real dialogue and lasting relationship.

Coffee Loves Norfolk

We are obsessed with coffee and the barista craft.

We strive to be both artists and scientists - as passionate about the micro-foam in our latte art as we are about the chemistry behind an excellent cup of pour-over coffee.

We're on a journey to find the perfect extraction - refining out skills along the way and pushing the boundaries of beverage creation.

Space to Gather

Coffee shops often want to be known as places to congregate but are almost always too small to accommodate even moderately sized groups. The tiny profit margins in the coffee business are typically to blame for this phenomenon.

But community has to happen somewhere. It requires time and space.

To solve this dilemma, a new level of commitment was required.

As a not-for-profit organization, Coalescence is able to offer a warehouse-sized venue to its patrons in an area that is an area that is drastically short on usable space.

To offset the very high cost of real estate, supporters of Coalescence can rent out part of the shop for their next private event!

Homemade Baked Goods

Nothing goes better with a hot cup of coffee or tea then a freshly baked pastry or slice of cake.

At Coalescence we make our baked goods the old-fashioned way: from scratch, in-house, using only the finest ingredients.

As a small-batch bakery our selection may be limited but our commitment to quality certainly is not.

We would love to bake for your next affair or family breakfast. Our available assortment includes our fan-favorite brownies and cookies, seasonal favorites and classic, rustic baked goods.

About us

We are fascinated by the way community has been formed over a simple beverage for hundreds of years. There is something mysteriously significant about having conversation over coffee with a friend, a partner or a new acquaintance, that creates an environment for personal connection and community.


You can feel good about buying Coalescence Merchandise because as a startup nonprofit, the revenue from your purchases help us continue to serve the community of Norfolk!

Our address

Directly across the street from O’Connor Brewing Company in the heart of the Railroad District.

226 West 24th,
Virginia 23517


Monday-Saturday: 7.00 am - 5.00 pm

Sunday: Closed