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We create beautiful things that inspire people to get together.

We create beautiful 

  • drinks
  • food
  • spaces
  • clothes
  • Communities

that inspire people to get together.


It’s truly fascinating how community has formed over a simple beverage for hundreds of years and around the world. We have seen it ourselves - whether communist party leaders in China, gang members in Istanbul, extremists in Syria or millennials in Germany - in every instance one thing facilitated friendly, open discussion in each culture - sitting together over a warm beverage.

Be Inspired to Coalesce. Coalesce to be Inspired.

A World Movement

We believe creating atmospheres that bring people together is important everywhere.


Hutu extremist's hatred for the Tutsi tribespeople erupted into one of the worst acts of national genocide the modern world has ever seen.

South Africa

Apartheid policy that unjustly governed relations between the nation's white minority and nonwhite majority for the latter half of the 20th century.

The Golden Triangle

The notorious region in Asia that produces most of the opium and methamphetamine consumed in North America where families and communities have been ripped apart by the drug trade since the 1700s.

Northern Iraq

Misunderstood and marginalized for centuries - the Yazidi Kurd community has ballooned to over 2 million refugees experiencing intense persecution because of the ethnic and religious heritage.

Beautifully simple goods that invite you into the experience.

Our address

Directly across the street from O’Connor Brewing Company in the heart of the Railroad District.

226 West 24th,
Virginia 23517


Monday-Saturday: 7.00 am - 5.00 pm

Sunday: Closed



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